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Top Tips to help LGBTI individuals who are being disciminated against at work

Read the practical advice from Associate Solicitor, Kate Knapton, and other industry experts.

The charity Stonewall recently commissioned research that showed that one in five lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender workers have been bullied or discriminated against.  This equates to 350,000 UK employees. 

This comment is taken from an article in Gay Star News, which was published on Friday 16 January 2016.

Kate Knapton, Associate Solicitor for Employment Law at QualitySolicitors Bradbury Roberts & Raby advises what to do if you feel you are being discriminated against: -

"In the UK, the Equality Act 2010 provides protection for people who are discriminated against. Unfortunately, though, people continue to report discrimination in the workplace which can include harassment, victimization and failure to be given opportunities afforded to other work colleagues such as promotion.

If you think you are suffering from discrimination due to your sexuality, or because you have made your organization aware that you are planning to, or are going through, or have transitioned then keep notes of what is happening to you.

If you feel able to ask the person who is targeting you to stop then do so. If this is not possible (and for many it is not) then make your organization aware of your problem. You should do this by using your employer’s grievance procedure.

If your organization does not have its own grievance procedure then use the ACAS guide on raising a grievance. Put your grievance in writing and give it to someone you think can help you. When you go to meetings about your grievance take someone with you to support you.

If the worst happens and the problems do not stop remember you have less than three months to begin a claim against your employer. Hopefully though the outcome will be far more positive. Your employer cannot help you if they are not aware of your issues. In some cases employers support their employees in setting up internal associations to support employees from the LGBT community.

Your experiences may ultimately enable you to start such a group and provide support for others."

By Kate Knapton, Associate Solicitor, Employment Law.

PLEASE NOTE: This news update is adapted from an article published on Friday 16 January 2016, by Gay Star News.

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Please visit Stonewall for more information on the LBGTI community.

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