Every business is aware they have certain legal obligations. Taking time to review your business and the law in a proactive way can be helpful.

Is your business structure right for you?

Would a limited liability partnership be more apt?  Is your business lease due for review soon? What if key employees were to leave, what legal safeguards do you have to protect your business and to prevent them taking your customers or ideas?

Succession Planning

What happens in the event of a retirement or worse still, the death of a director or shareholder? Our Asscoiate Solicitor for Wills, Sarah Inman, is an experienced in advising businesses on how to safeguard their assets and plan for the future. 

What next?

Why not step back from your business and let QualitySolicitors BradburyRoberts & Raby advise how well protected it is? You will be asked to share your documents with one of our expert lawyers. Options will be discussed, advice offered in simple terms without any legal jargon. If you decide to take action, a plan, timescale and costs, in line with our Clear Price Guarante will all be confirmed. And if no action is required, you can rest assure your business is in a healthy condition.

To find out about how our legal health check can help your business, give one of our experienced legal team below a call today, on 01724 854000 for a Free Initial Assessment of your requirements.