Wills Video in Scunthorpe - Victoria Norman explains

Lasting Powers of Attorney Video in Scunthorpe - Victoria Norman explains

The Laws of Intestacy

Many people don’t realise that without a will in place, the law decides how their money and possessions are distributed (following the intestacy rules). You lose the right to choose. The result may not be what you would have wanted, or may cause future legal problems for those you love.

How we can help you

At QualitySolicitors Bradbury Roberts & Raby, based in Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire, our highly experienced legal team has specialist knowlege of this area and is on hand to advise you on the options that are right for you, in plain English, without legal jargon.  Whether you want to sort out your Will, or need to administer the Estate of someone who has died, then we can provide expert advice. We can also assist with setting up Lasting Powers of Attorney and Trusts.

Similarly, if you are a business owner, visit our Succession Planning page and make sure you are prepared for the unexpected.

Probate Services

When someone passes away their assets are first used to pay off any debts, then distributed, either in accordance with the terms of their will, or in the absence of a Will, according to a set of laws known as the Laws of Intestacy.  In order to deal with the estate a court order known as a Grant of Representation may need to be obtained.  If there is a Will, it is known as a Grant of Probate.  If there is no Will, it is known as a Grant of Letters of Administration. Find out more at our Estate Administration page.

Our Free Initial Assessment can provide you with an initial and basic assessment of your legal requirements, at no cost to you, which would last no more than 10 minutes and for Wills & Probate matters is dealt with over the phone.  It's the perfect way to have a no obligation chat with a legal expert in complete confidence. Similarly, our Clear Price Guarantee means that we'll give you a full breakdown of costs in advance so there are no nasty surprises when you receive your bill.

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