What does a trust do?

From protecting your assets when you're a buying house with someone (especially if you’re not married) to protecting an inheritance from bankruptcy or divorce, a trust can be used for a number of reasons.  If you have children, a trust could safeguard their inheritance once your estate passes to your surviving spouse. As a grandparent a trust might also be created to provide income for your grandchildren. 

Can a trust be used for a business?

There are a range of special provisions for commercial assets if you own a business.

Our trust experts

Our trust experts and Associate Solicitors, Victoria Norman and Sarah Inman can advise on the complexities of the law in this area and explain in plain English how your particular trust will work for you.

Our Free Initial Assessment is one of our client promises and can provide you with an initial and basic assessment of your legal requirements, at no cost to you, which would last no more than 10 minutes.  For Wills & Probate matters this is dealt with over the phone. So if you're considering setting up a trust and need guidance from a legal expert why not give Victoria or Sarah a call today on 01724 854000.