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Please allow us.. introduce ourselves. Well what would Halloween be, without a Rolling Stones quote?

Picture of Andy Kerrig

Meet our first contributor. Andy.

My name is Andy Kerrigan, I am the Head of Crime at QualitySolicitors Burton & Co and aged 37 I think I am the oldest staff member allowed to contribute to our blog Life/Law/Lincoln.

The brief I have been given by our Editor in Chief, Paul Hinchliffe, is to blog about my career, experiences of living in Lincoln and my take on developments in the Law as they happen.

As my other colleagues will be blogging about the same subjects we hope to set out a range of opinions, viewpoints and reflections on working in a legal practice and living in Lincolnshire.

We hope our thoughts will prove interesting to our clients and the local community.

You can find plenty of information about me and what I do on our web site or on my LinkedIn page see the links below.

So what will I be blogging about?

I expect I will at times share my experiences gained throughout my career from being a Trainee in a windowless office above a bus station in a shopping centre (voted one of the ugliest buildings in the UK) in the outskirts of Glasgow. To running a Criminal Department in the beautiful historic centre of Lincoln.

My recent promotion to Head of Crime comes at a time of very significant reforms and cuts to all aspects of the Criminal Justice System. Inevitably I will be commenting on how these changes will affect the day to day running of the Criminal Justice System in Lincolnshire.

On a more positive note, I love living and working in Lincoln. I never get bored of Lincoln no matter how many times I see the Cathedral or the views from the top of Steep Hill or simply going down to the Brayford for a meal or a drink. I always feel I am seeing the city with fresh eyes.

I believe that one of the first topics we will be blogging about is our commute to work. I look forward to introducing you to my beloved yet temperamental bike who shares with me the daily commute to and from work.

I also understand we are doing a review of smart phones and how we use them in our day to day work and social lives. Again I look forward to introducing you to my equally temperamental and overworked iPhone.

I hope that you follow our blog and get to know us. You can click the follow us tab and receive emails of any of our new posts. Please do get in touch with any feedback or any topic you would like me or any other member of the team to think or write about.

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