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New QualitySolicitors small claims service launched in Lincolnshire

QualitySolicitors Burton & Co are today launching a unique new service for solving small claims disputes. The service is built around an innovative partnership with a mediation company.

The service helps consumers achieve a fair solution in disputes of up to £10,000. By integrating mediation into the process and offering fixed-fee advice, the new QualitySolicitors service offers a clear and affordable option for consumers and small businesses, that need to make a claim.  Using mediation to deal with a dispute can also make it much less stressful.

Launching the new service, Richard French, Head of QualitySolicitors Burton & Co said:

“Small Claims is a misleading title for a court procedure which now includes claims up to £10,000. Increasingly consumers and small business are left without any support to make small claims because the costs of getting advice is disproportionate to the value of the claims. Cost and uncertainty about court procedure often put of consumers and small business from chasing up debts.

The new service being launched today in Lincolnshire by our firm QualitySolicitors Burton & Co seeks to address these problems. Firstly it is very affordable with initial free telephone advice and a more detailed meeting fixed price meeting for between £49 and £99. We can help you formulate your claim and advise you on the various steps in the process. Next you write a letter of complaint and if that does not resolve matters we have a unique arrangement with Small Claims Mediation (UK) Ltd who will get the process of mediation started for as little as £20.

We are very proud to be able to offer this new approach to Small Claims. We feel this innovation leads the way in a new and affordable consumer focussed approach to providing legal services.

To help explain how the service works we are also launching a great new web page with all the information our clients need at or click on the banner above."

The service offers free initial advice by telephone to see if it is a dispute the law can help with.  Then consumers can choose to pay for a 30 or 45 minutes fixed-price meeting with an approachable lawyer (depending on the type and value of their claim).  This can be followed up with a special fixed-price telephone mediation service with Small Claims Mediation (UK) Ltd.  For most people this will avoid the cost, worry and time of taking their case to a small claims court.

Dave Bartram, the lead singer of 80s band Showaddywaddy, who has had small claims issues in the past, says: "The legal system may refer to these as ‘small claims’, but the money involved is a lot for most people and disputes can still be stressful and upsetting. Despite this, consumers are expected to deal with most of these claims on their own and cannot get their legal fees back, even if they win, making the prospect of going to court overwhelming for many. Consumers and small businesses often can't afford high legal fees - this kind of tool to help the injured parties recoup their losses is just what is needed."


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