A survey of SME firms conducted by law firm network QualitySolicitors found that a half of them were planning to create new jobs in the next six months. However, in East Midlands 29%  of SME leaders said the extra costs associated with taking on extra staff were discouraging them from recruiting while a further East Midlands 14%,  cited red tape as a deterrent.


In the research, conducted in April this year, SME leaders were asked to identify the issues which were putting them off employing more staff.  Other factors discouraging job growth were the problems of finding the right person and the costs of training a new employee.


Richard French of QualitySolicitors Burton & Co said:

“Some local firms are now experiencing a long awaited pick up in business, but it is clear that growth is being held back by concerns over the costs and bureaucracy and hassle of finding, engaging and training new staff.


“With our experience in employment law, we can help steer business owners through the legal maze. There are costs - financial and social - to leaving people out of work and great benefits to both employer and new recruit of creating new jobs.  We will do everything we can to help, with free initial telephone advice and straightforward affordable support.  The challenge for policymakers and Government is to do everything possible to reduce the burdens and risks to help our most successful local businesses to expand.”



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