Jan Povada

Crown Court Manager

I am an experienced Case Worker and Accredited Police Station Representative and began my career in South London.  I have since gained over 25 years of expertise in the field of Criminal Defence.

I have represented clients for a wide range of matters from fatal motoring offences through to serious organised crime of drug gangs, and further including rape, fraud, drug conspiracies and murder. I take particular attention to care and detail in my work, pursuing all reasonable avenues that the client instructs. My devotion and attitude to looking after clients and offences alleged against them is commented on by both fellow professionals and clients themselves.

Although having simply the experience and knowledge as far as Criminal Defence is concerned, it is often the case that these qualities are what many suspects and defendants seek comfort in. I began advising suspects at the police station when interviews were still conducted in writing, and had many years of experience in dealing with the Metropolitan Police, to include the notorious “Flying Squad”, Customs and Excise, at airports where drug importation was suspected, and also dealing with the anti-terrorist squad. My"home court" would be Croydon Crown Court, although I have handled many cases elsewhere in the London boroughs, to include notorious high profile matters at the Old Bailey (including the M25 Gang).

Following a move to Lincolnshire for family reasons, I was quickly employed by others and my reputation did not take long to materialise. My drive to willingly attend at the police station during the late evening and early hours of the morning means that all clients receive the free legal advice they deserve.

I was born in the Czech Republic and can communicate in my native tongue to a degree, which has proven to be an added advantage with suspects of the Czech community, from which referrals have been passed on.

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