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Wills, Trusts and Probate

The best way to ensure your wishes will be carried out after you pass is to record them in a Will. This not only serves your best interests, but also saves your loved ones the pain of having to guess your final wishes during what is already a highly emotional time.

Our highly experienced solicitors understand planning for death can be confronting and uncomfortable, but it is an easier process the further in advance you plan. We’re an approachable team and will work to ensure you have a last Will and testament you’re happy with. Given this document is about capturing your wishes, we can also make amendments as and when you need. 

A Will is a legally-binding document that allows you to make decisions and specific requests about what will happen to your body, your possessions, your money and assets after you die. You can record how you would like your body to be treated, including whether you want to allow organ donation; what sort of funeral or memorial service you would like; and who you would like to give your worldly possessions to, including any items of sentimental significance.

So that your Will can be actioned as you want, you will need to name an executor in your Will. Before they can access information about your financial affairs and take control of your accounts to begin the estate administration process, the executor will need to apply for a Grant of Probate, also known as a Grant of Representation. An executor may be a family member or friend, or you can appoint a professional to administer your estate. Our legal team can either carry out the entire probate process, or we can support your appointed executor to apply for the relevant permissions.

If you die without a Will, you will not be given a choice. The law has clear Rules of Intestacy that dictates who will inherit your assets (including property) and personal possessions, which is dependent on your relationships and who survives you. There are set inheritance thresholds for different types of relationships, which may set out a different distribution of your estate than you would have liked. To avoid this happening to you, it is best to have a legally valid Will.

We can work with you to construct or amend a Will, prepare a Living Will or Advanced Care Directive, or protect your assets for future generations in Trusts. Our experienced team can also administer estates or offer full support for the probate process.

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