Jonathan R O David

Partner (Head of Crime - Child Care - Licensing)

Jonathan qualified as a solicitor in 1974 and has been with David & Snape since then. He is now the Senior Partner.  He is head of the criminal, child care and licensing departments. 

Jonathan is a very experienced advocate and undertakes work in the Magistrates’ Court and also has higher rights of audience in both civil and criminal proceedings which allows him to appear in the Crown Court and the High Court.  He is a member of the Court and Police Station Duty Solicitor's Scheme. Jonathan is able therefore to provide a comprehensive service which specialises in the following types of work:-

Public Law Proceedings

Jonathan represents clients in care proceedings brought by the local authority where it has concerns in relation to the parents' ability to care for their children. For parents who are involved in these types of proceedings, Jonathan’s experience in this type of work over twenty five years can be of the greatest of assistance to them. Wherever possible, Jonathan personally deals with his clients and represents them at court. 

Criminal Proceedings (including motoring offences)

Since 1974, when Jonathan qualified, he has acted for many prosecuting authorities but now only represents defendants in the Magistrates` Courts. He spent five years as a Deputy District Judge (criminal). He therefore has vast experience in relation to criminal matters dealt with in the Magistrates` Court.

Police Station

Jonathan has had twenty nine years experience of representing clients at police stations.  He or his assistant, Peter Harper, are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to represent clients who have been arrested by the police.  It doesn’t matter how trivial the offence may be, Jonathan believes those who are arrested are at their most vulnerable when they are at the police station and proper representation is essential. 


Jonathan has acted for many local licensees and his knowledge of licensing law is long standing. He is able to assist prospective licensees applying for liquor licenses or existing licensees applying to vary premises licences. Additionally Jonathan can assist the holders of premises licenses in disputes they may have with the police or local authority.

If you require assistance in relation to any of the above areas, please do not hesitate to contact Jonathan. If he is unavailable, please ask for his secretary, Clare Williams, who will be happy to assist or refer you to another member of the team.

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