It is common for business disagreements to start small. Then they grow. Before you know it, you are embroiled in a legal dispute. Expert legal early advice can often prevent problems later on.

Disagreements can arise over anything: suppliers falling short of what was promised; competitors using your copyrighted material without permission; employees alleging they have been treated unfairly; commercial neighbours disagreeing about boundaries or rights of access.

At David & Snape we understand how frustrating disputes can be. We will identify quickly the core issues actually in dispute, and then work with you on the best approach to resolve them. We use plain English - not legal jargon - so that you always understand the process and your options. Also, there will never be any surprises about costs, as we keep in contact throughout and promise to tell you how much to budget before we begin work.

If you'd like to see for yourself how we can help you, please give Lindsey Scourfield a call on 01656 661115.