If untrue or damaging statements are published they can quickly hurt your business. Defamatory statements spread fast on social media. Unchecked, they present a risk to your brand and your business. A reputation or brand you have taken years to build can be damaged overnight, with customer goodwill lost in an instant. Decisive action is needed.

David & Snape understand why brand protection is so important to a business. We will look with you at what has happened, advise you of your options in straightforward terms, and act to achieve the best outcome for you. Before we start work, you will know our costs so that you are happy to proceed.

We have recently advised and represented local businesses whose reputations were being damaged on Facebook; whose proprietory designs and images were being used without permission on a foreign website; and whose customer base was threatened by competitors' misleading advertisements. We have also represented businesses whose staff and premises were being harassed and threatened.

To discuss your situation, call Lindsey Scourfield today on 01656 661115 to see how we can help you.