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Mediation and arbitration

No one enjoys a dispute. They are damaging, and can be costly and time consuming. Mediation and arbitration are ways of resolving business disputes without going to court. David & Snape can advise you how to resolve your dispute quickly through mediation or arbitration so that you can focus on running your business.

Any business dispute is disruptive. Falling out with another company or with a customer can even put your business at risk. Lengthy and expensive litigation may appear to be the only solution. However the time and expense this demands can often prevent a successful resolution. An alternative way to resolve your dispute is through mediation or (if provided for in the contract) arbitration. They provide a certain and cost-effective outcome to a dispute.

Mediation is an alternative and very successful way to resolve disputes. David & Snape will explain in simple terms what mediation is, and how it differs from litigation. We will ensure you understand the process, and how any agreement is reached. You will know the timescales and costs involved before you start. Mediation can be used to resolve disputes even where proceedings have already begun.

Similarly, disputes between businesses which have an arbitration clause in their contract can be resolved much more quickly and cheaply than through traditional court proceedings. We can advise and represent you throughout the entire process.

Our recent experience includes mediation of a dispute between the executor of an estate and a disappointed beneficiary; arbitration of an international construction contract dispute; and mediation of a dispute between an international removals company and a homeowner.

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