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Small claims court

Most court claims for under £10,000 (except injury claims) will be in the small claims court. For instance, if you owe money to a person or company and have been unable to pay, they may take legal action and use the small claims procedure to recover the money from you. Alternatively you may have your own claim against someone who owes money to you.

Someone's made a claim against me

Often the first time you will be aware that a claim has been made against you is when you receive a claim form stamped by the court. It is important not to ignore the form; if you do, decisions could be made in court without you having the opportunity to put your case forward. Judgment could be entered against you. If you have received a claim form, call us to discuss the best way to proceed. We will explain the small claims process, help you complete the relevant paperwork and plan the best course of action. 

I want to make a claim

If you want to make a claim, talk to us about how we can help. We can advise you on the strength of your claim, the procedure you will need to follow, and the prospects of making a recovery. We can represent you throughout, or just draft particular court documents for you on a one-off basis.

Talk to us

Our initial discussion with you is free, and we have a low cost funding scheme so you can find out what your options are. Call the team on 01656 661115 to discuss your situation.

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