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Professional negligence

When you ask a professional for advice or to act for you, you expect a professional standard of work. But what if that their work causes you problems or losses? Surveyors, architects, solicitors and accountants are all bound by professional standards and owe you a duty of care and skill. So if their advice or their work is negligent you have the right to make a claim, and that’s where we can help.

Here are some situations where we have been able to assist clients in making successful professional negligence claims:

  • Accountants – poor tax advice or fraud.
  • Architects – design errors and extra building costs.
  • Barristers – a key witness not being asked questions.
  • Engineers – design faults.
  • Estate agents – not getting the right price for the property.
  • Financial advisors, banks and insurance brokers – negligent financial advice.
  • Insurance brokers – leaving the client without the right insurance.
  • Property letting agents – losses caused by 'bad tenants', due to not obtaining appropriate references.
  • Solicitors and other lawyers – missed deadlines, under-settling claims, selling the wrong property, failing to pursue claims in a timely manner.
  • Surveyors – missed property defects.
  • Vets (veterinary surgeons) – mistakes in a pet’s treatment.
  • Will writers – invalid wills, or wills which unintentionally leave somebody out.

Dealing with a professional negligence dispute can take time. The circumstances are often complicated, and demonstrating how the professional has been negligent and caused losses can be an involved process. We will explain everything simply, and explore with you your options, and agree the best course of action – this could be litigation, negotiation or mediation. Finally, we aim to secure the best outcome possible for you.

Whatever has happened, trust David & Snape to help you resolve your dispute. To discuss your situation, call the team on 01656 661115

Professional negligence claim FAQs

Do I have a claim for professional negligence?

If you have been let down by a professional (such as a solicitor, accountant, etc.) and suffered some quantifiable loss then you may have a claim. You will need to establish that the professional in question owed you a duty of care in carrying out your instructions.

How much is my claim worth?

It will usually be the sum you have lost. To take an easy example, if an accountant failed to meet a deadline resulting in you paying more tax than you could have done, then your loss is the extra tax you paid. Sometimes you will need expert evidence to determine what the loss is. Talk to us to see if you have a loss to pursue in a claim for professional negligence.

How much will a claim cost?

The cost depends on the circumstances of each individual case, how complex it is and how much work will be involved. We will be able to give you an idea of the costs involved in our initial discussions with you. For suitable cases, it may be that after our initial assessment we can pursue the claim under a No Win No Fee arrangement. You may have legal expenses insurance which will cover you for a claim (which might be called ‘Family Legal Protection’ or similar), or be a member of a union which provides funding.

What is the time limit for making a claim?

Usually it will be necessary to issue court proceedings within six years of suffering the loss. We will be able to advise on the time limits after our discussions with you.

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