In the late autumn, during October and November we gave up our time to write wills for free as long as the person making the will made a donation to Age UK Wirral- the result was the charity is £1,460 better off.

Whilst we are pleased that our efforts have helped such a worthy charity, we are also delighted that many people from around the Wirral realised the importance of making a will and came to see us

Wills are a difficult subject we know, but they are one of the most important documents that a person can make and the sooner it is done the better for everyone concerned.

It alarms the legal profession that so few people make a Will before they die, despite the need for Wills being greater than ever.

The problem is that making a Will is seldom urgent and therefore tends to be put off, and secondly, there is reluctance by many people to face their own demise.

To add to this, the world is a very different place to what it used to be, and it is much more likely now that couples will live together, perhaps having children without getting married. There may also be offspring from other relationships and other complex scenarios to be considered.

We thank those who came to see us at QualitySolicitors David Roberts and helped Age UK.

Instructing a law firm like QualitySolicitors David Roberts is by far the most sensible option rather than a non-regulated provider who may not carry any insurance or may no longer be in business by the time a problem with a Will comes to light.

The financial sums involved and the peace of mind means using a traditional firm of solicitors, which will be protected by professional indemnity insurance in the unlikely event there is a problem, is well worth it.

We are happy to help. Please contact us today.