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Post-Christmas, every end has a new beginning

We often reflect on life, work, the future and our personal relationships during the festive period.  Christmas is a period when most of us are off work and have our first reasonably long break in the year, time away from our busy working lives to talk, sit back, reflect and make decisions.

The New Year for most is the perfect time to make decisions, whether that is to start the diet after the festive indulgences, join a gym, change jobs or for some something more personal like making the unfortunate decision to end an unhappy relationship.  The decision is a difficult one.  The thought of talking to a complete stranger, time and costs of getting legal advice can be daunting.  We at Davisons with our team of experts can advise you and help you find a cost effective and amicable resolution to your matter.  Divorce does not have to be costly, drag out or be seen as a taboo topic. 

With the right advice, the costs can be managed.  Not all cases end up in court.  With a conciliatory approach and alternative dispute resolution options such as mediation costs can be kept down and going forward parties can try and preserve an amicable relationship, most importantly for any children involved.

Many people put off the decision to start proceedings under the misconception that if they have been separated for 2 or 5 years then they are automatically divorced.  This is not the case.  Proceedings still need to be issued.   A non contested divorce can be concluded within 4 to 6 months so it does not need to drag out if both parties cooperate.

Whilst we understand talking about divorce is not an easy topic, we are here to guide and advise you to ensure that the process is concluded correctly.  Post Christmas, when money is tight for most, the thought of a “cheap quickie on line divorce” may sound appealing but it has its pitfalls.  There are a lot of factors that need to be considered carefully and in particular the finances need to be dealt with correctly, something that is often not made clear with these on line divorces.  So come and talk to us for a friendly no obligation initial fixed fee appointment.  We can be contacted on 0121 685 1234.

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