Fixed fee divorces

Petitioner uncontested £595 + VAT | Respondent uncontested £350 + VAT

At QualitySolicitors Davisons, we’re offering a fixed fee divorce throughout June and July 2018. We know that divorce can already be hard enough, so having a fixed fee means one less thing to worry about.

No-one plans for marriage or relationships to end. Divorce and separation can leave us feeling lost and hurt, and can completely disrupt our sense of identity as well as family life. Getting the right legal support is so important to understand your rights, what happens next, and to help you find your feet again.

We don’t follow a ‘one size fits all’ approach because every family is different and no two situations will be the same. That is why we take the time to get to know your needs and offer an understanding approach, keeping you updated throughout the process.

Some people might feel that seeing a solicitor is a daunting process, especially if they’ve never had a need to seek legal advice in the past. We aim to dispel that myth with our friendly team who are there to help. We have been working across the Edgbaston, Solihull, Colmore Row, Sutton Coldfield, Cotteridge and Weoley Castle communities in the West Midlands for more than 25 years. During that time we have built a reputation on trust and our 5-star Google reviews attest to our level of high level of service.

What to expect

Uncontested divorces can still involve a lot of paperwork and need agreements to be negotiated and finalised. Our family law team offer support throughout the process, from help to look at the circumstances for the marriage breakdown and completing the divorce petition, to negotiating terms of the divorce or pursuing the matter through Family Court is no agreement can be reached. Having the right family solicitor on your side will help make the process less emotionally draining and ensure the process is clear and followed properly.

We also advise on issues that may be considered in connection with divorce, such as:

  • Arrangements for children
  • Parental responsibility
  • Financial arrangements
  • Domestic violence

What to bring

Once you’ve had an initial assessment and instructed us on your divorce, we will need as much information as possible to ensure the paperwork is filled out correctly and that you have every chance of an amicable separation. Bring any supporting documentation to your initial appointment so that we can get the process underway.

Dos and Don’ts to bear in mind

Separation can be an emotional rollercoaster, particularly when children are involved. Here are some tips to bear in mind when prioritising your child throughout a relationship breakdown.


  • Do behave in front of your children how you would like them to behave in front of others.
  • Do seek professional help if you are struggling emotionally.
  • Do reassure them. They may be worried about having to change schools or move away from their friends, so talk to them about what they might be feeling in an age-appropriate way.
  • Do make time to listen to them.
  • Do think about things from your child's perspective.


  • Don't involve your children in grown up matters.
  • Don't argue in front of the children.
  • Don't rely on your children for emotional support; you are there to look after them, not the other way around.
  • Don't blame the other parent. Remember that children only have one mother and one father, and they want that person to be special and someone to look up to.
  • Don't make your child the messenger; if you have something to say to your ex-partner then deliver the message yourself.
  • Don't grill your child after spending time with the other parent; just ask general questions such as whether they had a good time.
  • Don't expect your children to take sides; let them love both parents.

Get in touch

Families come in all shapes and sizes and can grow, shrink and change over time. Our experienced and approachable solicitors are here to help with what may be one of the most difficult periods you’ll have to go through. We offer non-judgemental support and an understanding approach.  

Our Family department at QualitySolicitors Davisons is headed by Nesheela Nazir who has more than 16 years of experience in family law. Nesheela is mindful of the sensitive nature of her work and strives to achieve a fair and amicable outcome for her clients. Nesheela is supported by six experienced colleagues across our offices.

Please call 0121 5149 680 or email Nesheela on to book your appointment today.



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