Discovering you’ve been the victim of mortgage fraud can be stressful and confusing. At QualitySolicitors Davisons our fraud experts can investigate what has happened and help protect you and your home. If you’ve been accused of mortgage fraud our expert criminal defence solicitors can explain what will happen next and help you defend your case.

If you are affected by mortgage fraud, you may receive demands for payments that you cannot afford. Our experienced team will investigate what has happened and explain what you need to do next. We can help you negotiate with your mortgage lender and will do all we can to help you protect your home.

Mortgage fraud covers a range of offences where a mortgage lender has been deceived. You may not always be aware that a fraud has been committed – for example, if a friend or relative has completed documentation on your behalf without your knowledge. Mortgage fraud covers a wide range of issues where false information has been provided to the mortgage lender. This could include providing incorrect details about your income, misleading the lender about your existing debts, or covering up the true value of a property. The action that a mortgage lender will take depends on a number of factors from the severity of the deception to whether you are able to keep up your mortgage repayments.

If you’ve been the victim of mortgage fraud or have been accused of mortgage fraud, talk to one of our experienced solicitors. We can provide the support and advice you need to resolve the issues you are facing. We offer free initial assessment, so you can find out what options are available without obligation. For further help and confidential advice about mortgage fraud, please call us.

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