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Contested Wills & Estates

Whilst many people plan what will happen to their Estates after they die very carefully and make a Will to reflect that, it is unfortunately the case that in certain circumstances there will be beneficiaries or potential beneficiaries who are dissatisfied with the outcome. In these circumstances there are procedures available for such persons to contest the Will and potentially force change to the distribution. Typical examples are: excluded family members, or people who were being maintained partially or wholly by the deceased during their lifetime.

Clients often say to us:

  • "I'm not mentioned in the Will"
  • "I think the Will may be invalid"
  • "There are mistakes in the Will"
  • "The person administering the Will is taking too long, or getting it wrong"
  • "He/she died without leaving a Will"

For more information, see our guides on how to challenge a Will and how to make a claim against an estate.

We will provide calm, friendly and professional advice and assistance in all of these situations. If you dispute any part of a Will, or the entire estate, we can explain what your rights are. We do the same if it is being disputed by another party. Options, costs and timescales will be discussed before we start work for you. In everything we do we will use plain language, and ensure you feel completely at ease.

The terms of a Will can be unexpected or cause distress. But if there isn’t a Will, that can be difficult too. QualitySolicitors Harris Waters can advise on any matter where a Will or inheritance is in dispute.

Our first initial assessment is free, and on suitable cases we act on a No Win No Fee basis. If you would like to have an initial no obligation discussion with one of our specialist advisors then please do call us today on 020 8478 0888 and we will be pleased to assist.

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