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Having graduated in Law from Aberystwyth University, I gained national accreditation on the Law Society Children Panel in 1992.  I have expertise in residence and contact disputes, care proceedings, adoption and complex issues.  I represent parents and grandparents and also take instructions directly from children and young people.  These situations are often stressful and my approach is to carefully explain to clients what can be complicated legal procedures and to try and promote their confidence in facing them.

In my free time I enjoy writing and have a BA Honours degree in Creative Writing and Children’s Literature.

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    • Posted on January 21, 2020
      Making the decision to separate or divorce is not easy, especially when there are children involved. You could be feeling a sense of shock, sadness or anger as well as worrying about how your separation will affect your children and relationships with family and friends. There are probably financial and practical worries bubbling away too. A distressing time becomes overwhelming if your ex-partner says they are going to stop you from having contact with your children. There are many reasons for this, and contact denial can happen at any time – not just immediately after separation or divorce.

      Here we talk about what you can do to make sure child access arrangements are fair to everybody, and most importantly, that your children’s welfare is at the core.
    • Posted on March 18, 2019
      Divorce and separation can have a huge impact on families, especially on any children involved. Family Solicitor, Gareth Morris Jones (insert link) shares what parents and other adults need to know when issues such as where the child should live or how much contact they will have with the ‘non-resident parent’ arise. Other issues might include maintaining a relationship with the extended family members (such as Grandparents), or the child’s welfare.

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