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All hail the trail blazers!

I was pleased to hear this week that the Supreme Court has a new president, Baroness Hale of Richmond. She will be the first female president of the highest court in the land. It is perhaps astonishing that it has taken until now, 2017, for a female to reach such heady heights.

Unsurprisingly, Lady Hale is a strong advocate of diversity among the judiciary and has declared that the lack of more females in the highest court was something of which it ought to be ashamed.

I have always respected the Supreme Court (previously the House of Lords) despite criticisms of being out of date and out of touch. The Justices have, in the past, been advocates of women’s rights despite the lack of women in their ranks. In 1991, the marital rape exemption as a criminal offence, was abolished by the House of Lords in the case of R v R.

In other news, and perhaps rather embarrassingly for the profession, the Solicitors Regulatory Body, the SRA, has produced a warning notice to solicitors in regard of “inappropriate communications” made in the course of practice. We, as a profession, have effectively been told off and warned not to send offensive emails; and post tweets and offensive opinions on social media. Apparently several partners of one firm were fined for exchanging, “offensive, crass, puerile and inappropriate emails about colleagues” – oh dear.

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