Needlecraft had never been my forte. I looked at my handy work and realised I had sewed it on upside down.  It didn’t matter though as I persuaded my daughter that bats hang upside down so it was all fine.  She didn’t believe me of course as she is now five and therefore knows far more than I do about everything. (I feel some days that she just might do!)

I had tried to palm this task onto my husband but of course sewing was not his forte either.

I just don’t know how other mums and dads actually manage to do all these things: read school newsletters, texts and emails; check book bags to ensure that there is not something pressing that needs to be done tomorrow; finding interesting and creative things to do with, “cuddles” the class teddy.  This is a full time job in itself and I am simply not up to the task.

I am pretty sure that my school didn’t expect my parents to do all this extra work and were just glad that I could read and write when I left school.  I suppose that was a few decades ago now and expectations of ourselves and others have increased  so much in that time – unfortunately I don’t have the time to wonder why that could be.

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