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The Managing Partner of a Law Firm Versus the Wild Woman

I am currently reading a book called, Women who run with Wolves, by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. It’s all about the Wild Woman inside of every woman and the constraints and restrictions placed upon women in modern society (and throughout history – burning witches spring to mind!). The wild woman is all about female strength, instinct, her role as life giver, healthy, passionate and wise.

We often forget in our busy lives to just stop, walk bare foot on the ground, take in the sights and smells around us, enjoy being just in the moment. Attuned to the earth.

This summer has been wonderful with the gorgeous weather and I have been getting out and about at various festivals, watching people in fancy head dresses, elaborate make up, listening to music and discovering Mead (for anyone who hasn’t tried it – try it. You can get various types but the traditional is divine!).  I danced like a mad thing to Nirvana remembering my college days and how lovely it is to forget just for a while that I am a responsible adult!

I have another festival to go to on Sunday and I may paint my face and wear a fancy headdress and be the Wild Woman for a while... I may even post some photos!

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