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Fledgling Lawyers

Whilst our feathered friends have long since fledged the nest in my garden, we are still nurturing the next generation of solicitors. Soon they too will stretch their wings.

Howlett Clarke has always had a policy of investing in young aspiring solicitors as well as keeping a good stock of seasoned, veteran solicitors to guide and inspire them. Bringing on the new generation is important forward-thinking for the firm and for society as a whole, and we find that the keen clear minds of the young mixed with the steady experience of those who have seen it all works best for our clients.

On 1st September this year the new generation of solicitors-to-be move a step closer to their goal:

Paralegal Amy Fraser in our Conveyancing department will start her training contract with us and become a Trainee Solicitor.

Trainee Solicitors Sophie Burton in our Conveyancing Department and Dominic Smith in our Litigation Department will complete their training to become Assistant Solicitors.

Managing Partner Jackie Gillespie said: “We are very proud of our training programme which over the last 20 years has produced outstanding solicitors, congratulations to Dominic and Sophie and well done to Amy who begins her contract in September.”

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