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QS Howlett Clarke Staff and their Families raise money for Martlets Hospice Abseiling the White Cliffs at Peacehaven

Staff and their families enjoyed a wonderful afternoon of adventure, overcoming their collective fear of heights and looking for an adrenalin high when they took part in the Martlets Hospice Peacehaven Abseil on Sunday.

What better way to spend a summer Sunday afternoon than abseiling 150ft down the white chalk cliffs at Peacehaven!

Hot on the heals of the 10K run a few weeks ago, this time the team took on the challenge to abseil the cliffs at Peacehaven and enjoyed a great day out.

The team of Louise McKay, Sam McKay, Pamela Austen, Lauren Austen, Holly Burke, Eva Haddrell and Nick McCulloch went down in pairs in record times and rasied over £200 for Martlets.

All the 'action' seemed to get the better of some of the team, who bouyed from the abseil were bravely making plans for other events such as sky-diving, assault courses and half marathon's for other local charities. Seems the team are on a roll!

Eva getting ready to ascend the cliffs.

Eva and Holly make final checks.

Pamela and Lauren half way down.

Meanwhile back at the top of the cliff Louise and Sam got ready.

And finally Nick who seemed to colour co-ordinate his wardrobe for event!

The team proudly showing their certificates.

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