Recently, a young couple made a claim against building contractors for the failure to provide their dream extension and kitchen; however the issue was able to be swiftly resolved through mediation by our expert Richard Schaverien. The homeowners recovered sufficient compensation and their costs to enable another, more reliable building contractor to undertake the work to which they and their children very much look forward to for the New Year!

Although it was unlikely that a dispute between parents and their estranged son was likely to result in happy families again, the property and monetary matters were all resolved in the course of a day’s mediation. Disputes have been ongoing between the parties after an attempt was made to forge the son’s signature on a transfer relating to his property.   Monies lent and sums lost by the parties’ respective actions were resolved in the course of a day’s mediation, including costs. The terms of settlement even included those involving coexisting proceedings between the estranged son and his ex-wife.

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