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The Article 50 ruling: What do we do now?

In short, we wait once more. The government has confirmed it will appeal the decision, likely to be appealed directly to the Supreme Court. The issue, fundamental to the UK’s famously unwritten constitution, is likely to be considered by all 11 of the Justices in position on the 7th and 8th of December.

The recent ruling means that Parliament must vote whether or not to invoke Article 50  - the article in the European Treaty by which a member state leaves the E.U.

At this stage the Brexit supporters seem to be worried that parliament will be given and will take the opportunity not to invoke Article 50, despite the referendum result. The Remain supporters are, in fact, hoping for exactly the same thing. 

We therefore wait to see how the Supreme Court will rule on this fascinating issue and whether or not this constitutional ball will finally rest in Parliaments court.


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