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Company Secretarial Services Solicitors in Brighton, Sussex

At QualitySolicitors Howlett Clarke we aim to provide as much assistance and support to our business clients as we can. With this in mind, we are pleased to offer a full company secretarial service which is designed to help our clients to manage their business’ administration needs on a day to day basis and enable those in charge to focus on running their business.

We offer a range of combined services packages which have been designed to assist our clients and bring together core services at a reduced rate. For those clients who require ad hoc assistance or simply want assistance with one or two items, we also offer a range of individual services which can be selected on an as needed basis or combined to provide a tailored package to meet your clients’ needs.

In addition, all filings at Companies House are processed electronically through the e-filing portal (wherever possible) for which we will register your company if not already in hand. This will give your company greater protection from unauthorised third parties making filings against the company and ensures that documents can be filed accurately and on time with a same day acknowledgement from Companies House.

Combined Services+

Our combined services offer clients the opportunity to take advantage of a number of our services at a discounted rate on an annual basis.

Packages are provided on a fixed annual fee, payable in advance, exclusive of any filing fees at Companies House. The packages are designed to give clients the flexibility to decide on the level of assistance they require as we recognise that some companies may require more assistance than others. All packages include any related filings which may be needed at Companies House.

Individual Services+

All of our individual services can be provided easily and effectively by our corporate team. For those taking up a basic or intermediate combined package, we are able to offer a discount on the fees payable for some of our individual services where these are not included within the package taken up by your business.

Statutory Records+

A company’s statutory books are a company’s most important documents. The records essentially tell the story of the company from the date it is set up to the date it is shut down and is an important record of everything that happens during its lifetime.

Responsibility for maintenance of the company’s statutory books and records is often something which is overlooked within a business. This can be a time-consuming task and we recognise that, with the best intentions, sometimes key documents go astray or records are not updated, but failure to keep the registers up to date can incur financial penalties of up to £5,000.

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