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Arbitration is a new form of dispute resolution. It is in effect a private court that sits where and when you want and can provide a binding agreement that in turn can be used to obtain a court order. Applications that may take Brighton family court months to resolve can be decided in weeks.

You can arbitrate on financial matters whether you are married, in a civil partnership or cohabiting. Issues involving children however cannot be arbitrated and if necessary, must use the court process.

Arbitration can be a more cost effective method than making an application to Brighton family court and is certainly much more flexible. You can agree with your ex-partner; which are the issues to be ruled on, the speed with which the work is to be undertaken and the evidence required. You can request an arbitrator of your choice and the arbitration can take place at a location near you in Brighton or Hove.

The solicitors here at Howlett Clarke can assist in finding you an arbitrator close to Brighton & Hove and then in the preparation and presentation of your case.

If you are in dispute about financial matters with your partner and need a decision but want to have control over how, where and when it is made then Arbitration may well be the solution for you.

For more information please go to the Institute of Family Law Arbitrators website at www. Like all methods of alternative dispute resolution arbitration will not suit every case this is where our solicitors can really help identify which process is right for you. Call us on 01273 838 756 today to find out more.

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