• Preparation of a Defence - from £350 + VAT
    Creditors will often rely on consumers not understanding how to put forward coherent structured defences. We will consider all documentation provided with reference to the provisions of relevant legislation and codes or practice. We will review all other relevant aspects to your case and prepare a detailed confident defence that includes the issues which have been raised.
  • Directions Questionnaires - from £99 + VAT
    We will provide advice on directions and will assist with completing the Directions Questionnaire.  
  • Preparation of a Witness Statement - from £295 + VAT
    A case can be won or lost by the evidence provided in a witness statement. We will liaise with the witness to consider all relevant information and evidence provided. Once the issues have been thoroughly considered we will prepare a witness statement giving careful thought to the content and presentation of the statement.
  • Representation at Trial - Price subject to availability 
    We will prepare your documents, instruct a barrister to attend and take all necessary steps to ensure you are ready for the Trial.
  • Reduced Hourly Rate - from £160 per hour + VAT
    If you require other consumer credit legal assistance not covered by our fixed fee pricing structure, we may be able to act on a reduced hourly rate. Whether its preparing a court application, supplemental pleadings or without prejudice letters we may be able to help for less than you may think. 

Please note the above standard costs exclude any court fees and barrister’s fee that may be due. All cases are different and the prices given are an indication of the costs of each stage so that you have an idea of your commitment throughout the process.