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Why should I make a will?

Single will

  • Have a will drafted based on your needs and wishes.
  • We make taking your instructions easy and stress free with no legal jargon.
Our price £80(excl. VAT)
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Mirror wills

  • If you are making your will with your partner or spouse and your wishes are similar we can assist you.
  • You will each receive your own wills with similar clauses included for a lower price than 2 individual wills.
Our price£140(excl. VAT)
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Updating your will

  • If your will only requires a small change, perhaps an addition of a gift to a new grandchild or the removal of a beneficiary who has since passed away, you need not make a whole new will. 
  • Simply amend the existing will using a Codicil.
Our price range £50-£75(excl. VAT)

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Free Initial Assessment

If you have any questions about our wills or us or want some help deciding what to do next, complete the form below and we’ll be in touch to discuss at no cost to you.


QualitySolicitors' & Barnardo's Free Will Scheme

Do you qualify for a will under our Barnado’s Will Scheme

See how legacy donations make a difference to thousands of children across the UK.


Did you know?

  • Unmarried partners do not automatically receive a share in your Estate and are not entitled to administer your Estate
  • If you die without a will the law will dictate which of your family members receives your Estate, even if you did not want them to have a share
  • If you are separated but not yet divorced your spouse is still entitled to potentially inherit your entire Estate if you do not make a will
  • In 2009 the treasury received a total of £76m from the unclaimed estates of people who died without a will
  • A recent study by the Legal Services Board found that 1 in 4 wills failed their official assessment, meaning they were either completely invalid or didn’t properly reflect what the person wanted to happen

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