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ACAS’ Annual Report - what does it say?

ACAS’ 2013/14 Annual Report contains statistics on the level of its involvement for the year up to 31 March 2014. It also provides data on the most argued about employment law areas prior to the introduction of early conciliation in April this year.

ACAS pre-claim conciliation which became mandatory from April resolved 83% of the cases referred to it without the need for litigation. In 2012/13 ACAS resolved 77% of cases. Over 900,000 calls were made to ACAS with the main issues raised being dismissal, discipline and grievances, redundancies and contractual matters. Surely that’s nearly everything?

The most interesting fact is that 40,938 employment tribunal cases were referred to ACAS for conciliation. Unfair dismissal made up 24,306 of those cases. This is almost 60%.

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