The BBC’s Director-General, Tony Hall has commented that the presenter had “crossed a line” and in my view this can only be the right and proper course of action. Yes, the BBC is likely to get backlash from his supporters and the hundreds of thousands (if not more) petitioners trying to save him but the BBC is likely to have had more of a problem on its hands if it had kept Clarkson on. This could have sparked uproar further down the line and for other employees of BBC who may face potential claims from other staff who may be dismissed for less serious allegations if Clarkson wasn’t.

His actions are likely to have constituted gross misconduct and regardless of who he is or who he works for, most employers would be entitled to dismiss him immediately without notice following a fair disciplinary process.

Long live Top Gear but I do wonder whether it will have the same appeal without the trio who have been so successful in recent years.