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A Dementia Friendly law firm

Following The Alzheimer’s Association International Conference this week, Alzheimer’s Research UK has been praised for leading the way in increasing dementia research funding.

Alzheimer’s is a disease that comes under the umbrella term of dementia. This umbrella term refers to the symptoms such as confusion, memory loss and personality change as opposed to a condition. There are over 100 different variations of dementia with each affecting people very differently – Alzheimer’s being the most common. 

It is extremely important to know that dementia is not a part of getting older and this is a common misconception – in the UK alone over 40,000 people under 65 have some form of dementia. Similarly the memory loss element is, unfortunately in the majority of (if not all) cases, just a minor part of the condition.

With the investment in dementia research still very low, volunteering initiatives such as Dementia Friends have been introduced to help raise awareness. To become a Dementia Friend a person would attend a session or watch a video online to gain knowledge about the condition and the small ways individuals can help. It is this kind of initiative which businesses are increasingly getting involved in and, in doing so, they can ask for a volunteer to train staff on dementia awareness.

Here at QualitySolicitors Knight Polson, we have had training and are proud to have been awarded our ‘Working to become Dementia Friendly’ status. This is a key part of our training, particularly as we deal with an increasing amount of clients who have received a diagnosis of dementia. We are often asked to prepare wills and Lasting Powers of Attorneys (LPA) for these clients.

The main benefit of making an LPA is the peace of mind it can offer families or carers if somebody is incapacitated and can no longer make decisions. The appointed attorney(s) can then manage bills and affairs without the need for a Court order – saving both time and money.

If anything impairs somebody’s physical or mental capacity like an accident or dementia and no LPA is in place, the Court may need to appoint someone to make decisions on behalf of the person and manage their affairs.

With our Dementia Friends training, we are more than sensitive to dealing with any kind of scenario. We can prepare the forms necessary to create a Lasting Power of Attorney and we can then arrange registration with the Office of the Public Guardian.

If you would like to learn more about this subject and the service we can provide, please click here or contact us on 023 8064 4822.

If you would like to read more statistics like the ones above, click here. In addition if you would like to learn more about the Dementia Friends initiative, please click here.

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