The judgments can be accessed here.

Previously employment tribunal judgments were available on request and by paying a fee of £10 by cheque. Once payment has been received they are either emailed or faxed. The move to online access will make the judgments more easily and widely available.

The tribunal decisions are not as authoritative as those of the Employment Appeal Tribunal and the higher courts but they do have value and it is considered that they may be used for the following purposes:

  • For lawyers – to consider new or developing areas of law where there is no appellate authority.
  • For recruiters – to search for employees that they are considering recruiting to ascertain whether they have bought tribunal claims previously.
  • For prospective employees/workers- to see if businesses have been involved in litigation and may not operate fairly.
  • For workers/employees – to see if the business/organisation has been involved in employment tribunal litigation particularly if they are considering bringing a claim or to seek settlement of a claim.
  • For employers –to consider whether they wish to settle claims on confidential terms to avoid any potential reputational damage of having the judgment online.
  • For the media- to report on cases.

It is unclear whether further historic claims will be put online so for now, it will be just new ones.

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