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Staff handbooks & policies

Every business needs basic policies and procedures. Having basic rules in the workplace makes certain everyone knows what to do. QualitySolicitors Knight Polson can ensure your employment documentation is taken care of.

Good administration makes running your business more straightforward. Having written terms of employment, an employee handbook, proper policies and procedures - like ones that take care of discipline and grievances - makes sure employees know what’s expected of them. It also makes sure you treat people fairly and consistently every time.

We can help you get the basics in place. We draft documentation that is bespoke to your business. Everything we do is tailored - our employment lawyer makes sure they understand your business to best support your needs. All prepared in plain, simple English - not legal jargon. Before we start work we explain likely timescales and costs. If your administration is out of date, we can update as we go. And we can help you train in new policies and procedures too.

Whether you want the full works or the basics we can assist. We will advise, based on your business, on the types of policies we would recommend and you can decide if this sounds right for you.

There are some basic policies which every employer should have, no matter how big or small, these are:

  • Disciplinary procedure
  • Grievance procedure
  • Sickness absence policy
  • Holiday policy
  • Equal opportunities policy
  • IT, communications and social media policy

Without these basic policies your business is at risk. Most employers like to have all policies in place from the “get go”. We can draft a Staff Handbook containing all of the basic policies and more so that you can be safe in the knowledge that if something goes wrong you know where to look for guidance.

To top it all off we can create a staff handbook for a fixed fee – so you know exactly how much you are paying. Give us a call or send us an email if you would like us to help you get your policies in order.

To make certain your administration is sound, contact our employment lawyer on 023 8064 4822.

Offices in Eastleigh and Fareham.

News and media

  • News
    • Posted on January 4, 2016
      The Court of Appeal handed down its judgment on 10 December 2015 in the case of Griffiths v The Secretary of State for the Department of Work and Pensions [2015] EWCA Civ 1265 answering the question: is it a reasonable adjustment for employers to adjust triggers in absence management policies in favour of disabled employees?
    • Posted on November 5, 2015
      A simpler and faster fee remission process has been developed by the HM Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS). Fee remission is available to individuals in receipt of benefits or on a low income which may create a barrier to justice as they are unable to pay Court or Tribunal fees.
      Posted in: News
    • Posted on November 2, 2015
      In May 2015, the Government took steps to ban the use of exclusivity clauses in zero hours contracts. Such clauses prevented workers from seeking work from other employers limiting the individual’s potential earning capacity. Due to the wide-spread use of zero hours contracts by employers on the basis they do not guarantee work, such clauses have been dubbed unreasonable and an abuse of power. Whilst the introduction of a ban on exclusivity clauses was welcomed, there was no power to enforce a ban.
      Posted in: Employment

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