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Employment disputes

Disputes can arise in any situation and employment is no exception. There is a fine balance between protecting the confidential information and interests of an employer and allowing an employee to trade freely and without restraint. Sometimes this is where parties’ clash. Employees commonly have covenants in their contracts restricting them from competing or soliciting customers from their former employer on termination, however employees will want to maximise their potential to “shine” in new employment or in their new business. This means that the likelihood of conflict is substantial.

Employees, employers or third parties can all be caught up in the crossfire. We can advise any of the parties on their legal rights and negotiate on their behalf.

We appreciate that the market is fast moving and competitive and that’s why we will seek to achieve the best possible result for you. Sometimes agreement between the parties is not possible because of the many competing factors which are often in play. In that situation, we will advise you on the legal process, its costs, risks and timeframe so that you can make an informed decision on how to take it from there.

If you need advice in this area or you have a dispute bubbling give us a call on 023 8064 4822 or drop us an email. We would be happy to discuss the matter with you in a free initial call.

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