We are specialists in getting the request right the first time to give you the best possible chance of it being granted. Alternatively, if things haven’t gone your way, we can help you appeal and give you "another bite at the cherry".

Things you should know:

  1. You may only make one request in a 12 month period so getting it right is important. We can help you with this.
  2. Your request might not be granted by your employer. If it isn’t, your employer must explain the reasons why they cannot agree to your request. If they don’t then you may be able to do something about this.
  3. Your request must be in writing and must state certain information. We can either draft the request for you or advise you on what should be included.
  4. There is a time frame in which your employer must deal with your request.
  5. You do have a right of appeal if your request is not granted.

If your request was made before 30 June 2014 different rules apply.

If you would like to discuss your flexible working request you can either call or email us.

Offices in Eastleigh and Fareham.