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Care proceedings

If Social Services become concerned about the safety or wellbeing of a child, the local authority may start a process known as ‘care proceedings’. They may also make a care order for the child which means that the local authority will have responsibility for the child, making decisions about their welfare – such as where they live and who cares for them.

If the Local Authority have written to you to inform you that they will be issuing Court Proceedings, you will automatically be entitled to Legal Aid, regardless of your means.

For families involved in care proceedings, it can be a confusing and stressful time – particularly if you do not  agree with the decisions that the Local Authority is making. At QualitySolicitors Knight Polson we help families through the process. Our experienced family law solicitors will explain what’s happening at every step of the way, in simple terms that are easy to understand. We can also accompany you to meetings and provide the support you need if the case goes to court.

If your child is taken into care, we can help you understand what will happen next. We will explain how your child will be cared for and let you know what rights you and your child have.  We will also provide you with advice as to how you can oppose the Local Authority’s decisions and proposals for your child.

If you are worried about care proceedings, do not hesitate to get in touch. Our friendly and approachable solicitors will put you at ease and answer any concerns you may have. Plus, with our free initial assessment promise, you can get answers quickly with no obligation, so call us today on 023 8064 4822 or send us an email.

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    • Posted on January 25, 2016
      According to much of the media, Monday (4th January 2016) was ‘Divorce Day’ in the UK. It is, supposedly, the busiest day of the year for family solicitors, with thousands of individuals seeking both legal advice and a fresh start. In fact, according to a recent poll carried out by a national law firm, almost one in five married couples are considering separating from their partners after the Christmas and New Year period. Given, the stresses and strains of Christmas (both financially and emotionally) it’s easy to understand why it can often result in problems for couples.
      Posted in: News
    • Posted on August 25, 2015
      The last four years has seen almost a 50% increase in the use of Special Guardianship Orders.
      Posted in: Family
    • Posted on July 20, 2015
      Following The Alzheimer’s Association International Conference this week, Alzheimer’s Research UK has been praised for leading the way in increasing dementia research funding.
      Posted in: News

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