At QualitySolicitors Knight Polson, we have got people you can talk to in complete confidence. We understand the feelings and concerns you have and make it our priority to support and help you through this difficult time.

At QualitySolicitors Knight Polson we provide that support. We work quickly to understand your unique situation and make your safety our priority. If you are in immediate danger we can take swift action and, where necessary, we obtain court orders to protect you from your abusive partner.

You can talk to us in complete confidence. We will discuss your options and what outcome you would like as well as clearly explaining the ways in which the law can protect you from domestic violence.

Domestic violence can take many different forms but in whatever way you are experiencing it, it is important to ask for help as soon as possible. In these cases, you may be entitled to legal aid, and you should obtain advice as to whether you are eligible.

Offices in Eastleigh and Fareham.