Your neighbour who you may have known for a long time or may only recently became your neighbour, is intending or has told you will be erecting a wall or fence on your property or has told you that he is claiming a strip of your land as his or is moving a boundary in the form of a tree or bush. What can you do about this?

You have tried talking to him but he has ignored you and you do not know what to do.
Do you want to be confronted with this problem each day you walk out of your property? No.

Many boundary issues can be resolved amicably and fairly and our expert property team can help you resolve matters where:

  • disagreements arise over boundary lines;
  • you need to agree who is responsible for the maintenance of shared areas;
  •  it may not be clear who owns a particular boundary; and
  •  where changes have occurred over time.

At QualitySolicitors Knight Polson we can help resolve boundary disputes and take the stress out of any disagreements with your neighbours. We may be able to find answers simply by referring to your property deeds but if this isn’t possible, we can carry out further investigations to resolve issues and call on specialist assistance from expert surveyors if this is necessary.

Call us on 023 8064 4822 to speak to one of our expert team or email us. There’s no charge for our initial chat and with no hidden costs and our same day response promise, you can get answers to your questions quickly and easily. We would be only too pleased to help you.

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