Motoring offences can vary from those that carry a fine or disqualification to those where a prison sentence is possible. Drink driving, speeding and the use of a mobile phone are some of the more common offences. It’s often very difficult to defend yourself along with being able to handle the fear, worry and stress that any type of prosecution could bring.

Working with QualitySolicitors Knight Polson expert solicitors, we aim to guide you through every stage of your offence or prosecution. We will explain thoroughly what the allegation is and the evidence that is against you. Everything we do is presented simply, using plain English. We consider any mitigating circumstances and put together the best possible technical defence. If your case goes to court, our solicitors are highly experienced at providing expert representation - our aim is to secure the best possible outcome for you.

To receive the support you need, email or call our Criminal Defence team on 023 8064 9444. Our emergency contact pager number when the offices are closed is 07699 747 663. This number is for Emergency Police Station calls only.

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