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Wills and probate

Life is full of unpredictable occurrences and none of us can be sure what the future holds - that’s why creating a will makes good sense. It is not something just for the elderly or ill but simply part of sound financial planning for any family or individual.

With a will in place, you can relax in the knowledge that your wishes will be carried out should anything happen to you. Putting a will in place also avoids legal problems arising for your family in the future. Often people assume that their money and possessions will pass automatically to their partners or children but, without a will, this isn’t always the case.

At QualitySolicitors Knight Polson, our solicitors have in-depth knowledge in all areas of wills and can help you create one that’s right for you and your family. Don’t worry if you’ve never discussed wills before - our friendly staff will put you at ease and explain everything clearly with no legal jargon.

So whether you’d like to create/update a will or would just like to find out more, email or call us today on 023 8064 4822 to have a chat with one of our expert solicitors.

Offices in Eastleigh and Fareham.

Team members

Carolyn Russell
Associate Solicitor
David Ames
Consultant Paralegal
Emma Burton
Chartered Legal Executive
Kate Brownlee
Wills and LPAs Assistant
Keith Fensome
Solicitor, Head of Private Client Department
Lin Collings
Administration Assistant
Paul Butler
Consultant Solicitor

News and media

  • News
    • Posted on July 20, 2015
      Following The Alzheimer’s Association International Conference this week, Alzheimer’s Research UK has been praised for leading the way in increasing dementia research funding.
      Posted in: News
    • Posted on September 16, 2014
      QualitySolicitors Knight Polson are now registered as being ‘Dementia Friendly’.
      Posted in: News
    • Posted on June 12, 2014
      More and more people are enjoying a lengthy ‘old age’. What might this look like? Who will ensure that you receive the care that you want if you are no longer able to make decisions for yourself? Who has the legal right to make such decisions for you and access to the funds to pay for it? No one, not even a spouse, can access assets belonging to someone else. Appointing attorneys to act for you means you choose who makes decisions on your behalf. The alternative is that, someone may need to apply to the Court of Protection to request the power to deal with your affairs for you.
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