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Criminal Defence

Looking for a criminal defence lawyer? Quality Solicitors Large & Gibson provide advice and representation for criminal proceedings in the Magistrates Court, the Youth Court, and the Crown Court.

We also provide advice and representation for HM Forces personnel in the Military Court.

We have considerable experience in crimiinal law, gained over many years.

Legal Aid may be available, usually for more serious offences (meaning those where there is a risk of imprisonment). Legal Aid is available only through law firms under contract to the Legal Aid Agency (LAA) to provide criminal defence services. Due to Government public spending cut backs, we have opted to give up our Legal Aid contract. However, we continue to provide a high quality criminal defence service at a fair price to clients who choose to pay for our expertise.

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For more information contact Peter Dymock who for over 30 years (between 1987 – 2017) acted as a Duty Solicitor at Portsmouth Magistrate Court and at the Youth Court. At the same time, he was a Duty Solicitor covering the Police Stations at Portsmouth and Waterlooville, HM Naval Base and the Ferry Port.The firm was amongst the first to be awarded a Legal Aid  Franchise for Criminal Defence work in 2001 when franchising was introduced. Peter has considerable experience of advising suspects under investigation by the Police, and defending criminal proceedings for many different offences, including theft and fraud, sexual offences and attempted murder .  


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