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Boundary Dispute Solicitors in Hull, Beverley and York

It is not uncommon for there to be confusion over boundaries between property and land. It may be difficult to determine what you are responsible for or what belongs to you and what your neighbour is responsible for or belongs to them. However, when handled correctly, a boundary dispute doesn’t have to mean falling out with your neighbours. Many boundary issues can be resolved amicably and fairly.

Boundary disputes can cover many issues from disagreements over boundary lines to agreeing who is responsible for the maintenance of shared areas, rights of way over land, trespass and use of land.  Sometimes it may not be clear who owns a particular boundary and, if changes have occurred over time, it can be difficult to resolve boundary disputes without the help of a specialist lawyer.

At Lockings Solicitors we can help take the stress out of any disagreements and boundary disputes you may be having with your neighbours. We may be able to find answers simply by referring to your property deeds but if this isn’t possible, we can help you in carrying out the further investigations that may be necessary to establish ownership.

We will explain your options and what outcomes you may expect to achieve. At every step, we use plain English, not legal jargon.

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