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Professional Negligence Disputes in Hull, Beverely and York

When you engage a professional for advice or to provide a service you will expect high standards, but sometimes, they may fail to achieve them. This could cause you problems or financial losses.

Professionals like surveyors, architects, solicitors and accountants are all bound by professional standards and owe you a duty of care and skill. If they don’t meet this standard, they may have been negligent and you have the right to make a claim.

Dealing with this type of dispute can take time and demonstrating what has gone wrong and the losses suffered can be complicated, but Lockings Solicitors will always keep you informed and updated every step of the way.

Understandably lots of people are afraid to criticise or complain about professionals. Where they have done something wrong or you think they have done something wrong contact us and we will put your mind at rest.

We will explain what your options and what outcomes you may expect to achieve. At every step, we use plain English, not legal jargon.

Make the first step to get things sorted. Call us today for a Free Initial Chat on 01482 459229.

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Sarah Thomsen
Associate Director – Head of Civil Litigation

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