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Child Abduction Solicitors, Beverley, Hull and York

Lockings Solicitors can help with child abduction, specifically when a parent or another relative takes your child to a different country without your consent.

If you think that your child is at risk of abduction it is important that you speak to a specialist family solicitor as quickly as possible. Here at Lockings our team of experienced family solicitors will listen to your fears and act quickly to ensure that preventative steps are taken urgently. 

In such circumstances, the family court can quickly make orders to protect your child from the risk of abduction. This can be a Prohibited Steps Order or to prevent your child from being removed from your care. The court is also able to take further steps in such serious cases including orders preventing passports being issued, or orders for the police to seize passports already in existence. 

If a person suspected of planning to abduct your child is of a different nationality, they may be able to obtain a passport for themselves and the child from their own Embassy, High Commission or Consulate in this country. In these circumstances, the family court can invite that organisation not to issue a passport for the child. They do not have to agree to this invitation from the court but can do so voluntarily. The police can also be contacted to issue a Port Alert if you fear your child may not have yet crossed international borders.

If the worst happens and your child has been abducted, our family solicitors can act quickly to begin the necessary steps to assist in the recovery of your child from abroad. This may involve an application to make your child a ward of court, liaising with the police and contacting the Central Authority. Our family solicitors can also signpost you to organisations offering emotional and practical support in such circumstances.

The recovery of a child who has been abducted abroad is a complex process and will depend on whether the country to which the child has been taken is a member of the 1980 Hague Convention on International Child Abduction. If the country concerned has signed up to the Hague Convention, there is a clearly defined procedure in place for the countries to work together in returning the abducted child. If the country has not signed up to the Hague Convention, the return of the child is more complex and may involve court proceedings being started in the other country.

If you are worried about your child and there is a risk of abduction contact our family solicitors as quickly as you can. We offer a free initial chat. We will explain the costs and timescales involved up front so you always know what to expect. We will also discuss the availability of legal aid which may be available in your unique situation. 

For confidential and friendly advice, contact our family law solicitors in Hull and Beverley for a free initial chat on 01482 977 925 today or send an e-mail enquiry and we will contact you for a discussion as soon as possible. 

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