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Prohibited Steps & Specific Issues Orders

Disagreements on parenting and lifestyle choices can be frustrating and sometimes parents can be left feeling powerless to the other’s choices. Prohibited Steps and Specific Issue Orders can help, whether it’s a choice about taking your child abroad or changing your child's school.

Prohibited Steps Orders

A Prohibited Steps Order usually made to prevent a parent from taking a certain action in relation to their child.

It is often the case that Prohibited Steps orders are needed on short notice to the other party because of the threat of an action being undertaken. Here at Lockings, our experienced team of family solicitors are able to discuss with you whether your case is appropriate for an application for a Prohibited Steps Order. In emergency circumstances, we are able to take action very quickly to ensure that a court order is applied for as soon as possible.

Examples of circumstances in which a Prohibited Steps order may be needed include, but are not limited to:

  • The other parent threatening to unilaterally remove your child from your care;
  • The other parent threatening to unilaterally remove your child from their school or other child care provision;
  • The other parent threatening to change your child’s school unilaterally against your wishes;
  • The other parent threatening to subject your child to medical treatment to which you do not agree;
  • The other parent threatening to move your child to live in another country without your consent.

A Prohibited Steps Order is usually made as a temporary order which will remain in place until the court has undertaken further enquiries as to your child’s circumstances. In almost all cases the court will go on to consider whether a long-term Child Arrangements order is necessary.

Specific Issue Order

A Specific Issue Order is another type of order that can be made in relation to a child. These types of applications are made when parents cannot agree on an issue in relation to their child. Disagreements can occur between parents even when the living and contact arrangements for their child are working well.

A Specific Issue Order can be applied for in many different scenarios and at Lockings solicitors our team of family solicitors can discuss your case with you in a sensible and practical way. Our family solicitors can help with negotiating with the other party to see whether a solution can be reached without the need for a court order.

Some of the more usual issues that parents can disagree about are:

  • Changing your child’s school;
  • Obtaining medical treatment for a child or vaccinations;
  • Which religion a child should be raised in;
  • Seeking to move your child to a different country to live.

If an agreement cannot be reached and a court order is needed then our family solicitors have the experience to help you with making the application, drafting documents for court and representing you at court hearings. At Lockings we understand that any disagreement between parents in relation to important decisions as to their upbringing are emotional and difficult. Our family solicitors will assist you with your case using a compassionate and sensible approach, ensuring that you are given appropriate advice throughout your case in order to reach a solution for your family.

If you are worried about your child, we offer a free initial chat where we will explain the costs and timescales involved up front so you always know what to expect. We will also discuss the availability of legal aid which may be available in your unique situation.

For confidential and friendly advice, contact our family law solicitors in Hull and Beverley for a free initial chat on 01482 977 925 today or send an e-mail enquiry and we will contact you for a discussion as soon as possible.


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