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Making and Updating a Will

A Will is the only way you can legally protect your last wishes and ensure there are provisions for your loved ones, dependants or causes close to your heart when you’re gone. Yet 60% of adults in the UK do not have a Will and are leaving their estate vulnerable to the government-stipulated rules of intestacy. Our specialist Will solicitors make putting a Will in place, that’s fully tailored to your needs, easy.

Many of us have family, loved ones and charities that we care deeply about – and some people may rely on us to care for them or provide financial stability. Planning for your own mortality can seem confronting, but it offers invaluable peace of mind and protection knowing that loved ones can continue to be cared for. Planning early and updating your Will with any major life changes, such as marriage or having a child, also means less stress further down the line. Depending on the complexity of your estate, it might also be worthwhile considering a trust as part of your estate and tax planning, which our team can advise on.

What you might include in your Will depends on your personal circumstances, although there are some general categories to consider. Firstly, who should care for any children or dependants, such as adults with a disability, or even pets if you were no longer around? It’s possible to stipulate guardianship and have the security of agreeing this with the person or people well ahead of time. You can also record any items of particular value, whether these hold financial value or sentimental value, and note who you would like to inherit these. It is also possible to leave a legacy gift in your Will to a cause or several causes you care about, which can also serve to reduce your inheritance tax liability. Knowing that these wishes will be carried out as you want is also important, which is why it is advisable to choose someone, or more than one person if you wish, to be your executor. Our private client team can walk you through all the considerations to make to ensure you have a valid Will.

To avoid the risk leaving a legacy of confusion and disputes amongst loved ones, contact our solicitors in Hull, Beverley or the East of Yorkshire today on 01482 977 925.

To download a copy of our free Will guide, click here.

Please note that additional charges may apply if a home visit is required or if medical evidence or a statement is needed to accompany the Will to reduce the risk of this being challenged in the future.

Our Clear Price Guarantee means we will always be up-front and transparent about our costs so that you can choose if our service is right for you.

If you are over 55 years of age and considering leaving a gift to charity in your Will, ask us about taking part in QualitySolicitors' free Barnardo’s Will Scheme.

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